Inspired by a childhood nourished by farm-fresh vegetables and the pure, simple pleasures of growing his own food, San Francisco native, Preston Raisin purchased his six-acre farm property in 2012. 

Built in 1946 and located just a mile from the historic Sonoma plaza, Raisin had a vision for his new property that reflected everything that mattered to him -- sustainability, community and healthy living.


As a busy father, raising five children with his wife in San Francisco, Raisin sought to create a peaceful escape from city life for himself and his family and to pass on the farm values and lessons that had so deeply shaped him as a child.

Upon purchasing the land in 2012, Raisin quickly realized the potential of his farm space, inspiring him to share it with others...

Preston Raisin

Owner, Farmer

SBF is located 43 miles from San Francisco

SBF is 1 mile from the Sonoma Square.