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Protecting the farm and surrounding land for future generations has been a driving force of Sonoma Broadway Farms’ reinvigoration efforts since the beginning.


In addition to farming organically, green initiatives in our farming practices include:


  • Installation of 46 solar panels on Barn House roofs, meeting 100% of the farm’s energy needs


  • Exclusive use of well water for drip irrigation system throughout farm; drip irrigation saves an average of 70% water compared to “conventional irrigation methods” including sprinkler and flood irrigation


  • Newly-installed water pumps to maximize water efficiency


  • Composting program to create rich, fertile soil for our crops and reduce waste


  • Recycling program, eliminating all garbage waste


  • Cover crop plantings with crimson clover for erosion control, to add organic matter and improve soil structure, retain moisture in soil, and support carbon sequestration


  • Organic and pesticide-free farming practices, with plans for CCOF certification in coming years


  • Pest control – we have planted insectary and wildflower gardens to bring in beneficial inspects to balance infestations, creating a naturally pest-free environment and eliminating the need for pesticides


  • CCOF certification in progress for microgreen program inside greenhouse


  • Beehives in our culinary garden to support ecological diversity and food production