Explore the Farm

Our farm is your farm. During your visit, we invite you to wander, taste, harvest and make yourself at home.


Naturally, farming is the heart of SBF and Preston’s vision for this lustrous property has always been to showcase how sustainable living is possible. Protecting the farm and surrounding land for future generations has been a driving force of Sonoma Broadway Farms’ reinvigoration efforts since the beginning. Come explore this haven only a mile from downtown Sonoma. 

Our Farm is Your Farm

Our Farm People

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Here are just a few of the amazing people that make Sonoma Broadway Farms possible. If you'd like to have a tour with any of our farmers please let us know upon booking. Click the link to learn more about Team.


Sustainability Methods

We are an organic pesticide-free farm with plans for CCOF certification in the coming years. The installation of solar panels can power 100% of our farm's energy needs. 

We enjoy a full cycle of sustainability by reducing waste through composting.  We cover crop plant with crimson clover for erosion control, This interesting practice adds organic matter, improves soil structure, retains the moisture in the soil and supports carbon sequestration. Our drip irrigation system saves us an average of 70% of water compared to conventional irrigation methods. 

We plant insectary and wildflower gardens to bring in beneficial insects to balance infestations, creating a naturally pest-free environment, eliminating the need for pesticides.

We laud our Beehives in our culinary garden which support ecological diversity and food production.

What's Growing

It's Sonoma's long, rich history of tilling the soil and raising nutrient-rich crops that drew the owner to this beautiful land in the first place. Farming provides a myriad of benefits to our minds, bodies, and souls and it's this way of life, that inspires him to continue planting, harvesting and sharing his produce with visitors and his local community.

In partnership with local grower, The Garden Keeper, who is raising a variety of nutrient-rich microgreens and edible flowers in our greenhouses, we've expanded our organic farming program with an exciting array of new fruits and veggies for our vacation rental guests to enjoy during their stay.


  • Kaletts - kale and brussel sprout cross

  • Sprouting broccoli

  • Scarlett kale

  • Mustard greens.  

  • Rainbow chard

  • Snap peas

  • Cabbage

  • Artichoke- purple and green

  • Leeks 

  • Spring garlic

  • Spring onions

  • Shallots

  • Fava beens


  • apple (Pink lady, Dorsett Gold, Fugi)

  • apricot (Blenheim, Gold Kist, Tomcat)

  • aprium (Cot n candy

  • cherry (Lapins, Utah Giant)

  • fig

  • nectarines (Double Delight, Snow Queen)

  • nectaplum (Spice Zee)

  • peach (Babcock, Evas pride, Indian freestone,

Oh Henry, Red Baron)

  • asian pear (20th century, Hosui, Shinseiki)

  • peacotum (Bella gold

  • cherry plum (Delight)

  • plum (Weeping Santa Rosa

  • pluot (Flavor delight, Dabble dandy, Flavor King)

  • pomegranate (Wonderful)



  • peashoots

  • mustards (Scarlett Frills)

  • kale (Red Russian)

  • radish (Sango)

  • amaranth (Red Garnett)

  • cilantro

  • chia

Booking Information

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