Rent the Farm for a Special Day

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Rent the Farm for a Day

(Private Groups Only)

$200 per person

Minimum of $5,000 booking

Available:  Week Days, 8 am - 8 pm

Enjoy the splendors of farm life with your favorite group of people for a single day at the farm. Farm, forage and dine - Three farm meals included with your booking.  Sonoma Broadway Farms is yours for the day. Learn about Overnight Stays and sleeping accommodations.


Relaxation &




to Table




Fun & Healthy Activities


Farming & Foraging

Vegetable Garden

All in a Days Work

All the best of Sonoma Broadway Farms in a day. We've put together a list of all the things you can do at Sonoma Broadway Farms in a day. We encourage you to make our farm your farm and we are here to help customize your day to specifically meet your needs. 

Tour the the Modern Barn House


You'll be welcomed to the farm by our wonderful staff to help you get settled in and ready to get your hands dirty. We want you to feel at home during your visit to the farm, so let us know if you have any special requests. 

Morning Breakfast

As your group arrives, we will serve some breakfast items sourced from the farm. With much more to come, this yummy breakfast is just ta taste of the many delicious offerings coming throughout the day.  Our chefs will work with your dietary restrictions to create a menu specifically for your needs.

Farm Tour

After you've settled in, we will guide you on a tour of the farm.  You'll learn about biodynamic farming, the food that's in season, and all the little things that make Sonoma Broadway Farms so special.

Morning Yoga at the Yoga Studio

After the farm tour, why not take a moment to get centered? We believe that yoga is an essential practice to clear your mind and to reconnect with the earth.  Since SBF is completely customizable, your day is yours to enjoy as you see fit. The studio is open anytime for workouts, break out sessions and or meditations. An instructor is available upon request to lead your group in yoga and resistance band classes.  

An Authentic Farm to Table Experience

Farm to table is what Sonoma Broadway Farms is all about. We love sustainability, we love food, and we love people. We welcome you to take in the bounty that the earth provides. Explore the farm and take in its splendors with world-class dining perfected by our fantastic chefs.

Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Farming and Foraging

Our farm has plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables that will inspire anyone in the kitchen. If you feel like putting yourself to work, our chefs can give you a list of ingredients you can gather for the group meal. With a clear mind, explore the fruit orchards, snap photos of the blossoming citrus, pick your favorite herbs and forage for delicious vegetables.

Learn more about the farm

Lunch at the Modern Barn House

With a wagon full of fresh food, it's time to join the group in a delicious meal. We designed this barn to be both comfortable for relaxing and equipped to host large groups entirely off the grid. Our state-of-the-art kitchen is fully stocked with everything one needs to execute a world-class meal. This modern barn is also a great space for cooking classes and demonstrations which are available upon request with one of our talented chefs. Learn more about our Modern Barn.


Serenity Courtyard

Feel like being outside? Take in the afternoon with your meal and a glass of wine in the courtyard. Our tables and chairs can be easily adjusted to better meet your needs.  The picturesque setting with the farm at your fingertips will warm anyone's soul. Cheers!

Meet our Chefs





Sonoma Broadway Farms is a place for fun and exploration. With creative workshops to inspire you, bicycle cruisers to wander around Sonoma, and a recreation barn you'll find, there is plenty to do. Plan accordingly. 

Specialty services must be booked ahead of time and are subject to availability through our partners. These services include: 

Cooking Classes

Creative Workshops

Tea Service

Bicylce Cruisers

Feel like exploring the beauty of Sonoma? Sonoma Broadway Farms is centrally located with shopping in one direction and beautiful scenery in the other. The town square of Sonoma is a short mile up the road and wineries are all around so grab your bikes and wander freely.

bikes_corn copy.JPG


We are the only place in Sonoma with dual bocce courts. Get competitive with your friends and host a bocce tournament you will remember for years to come. 

Recreation Barn

What can be better than a bar and lounge surrounded by wine barrels on a farm in wine country? Enjoy shade from the sun and fun vibes at night. Play pool with your friends and let loose.


Down time

If you're not in the mood for games, take a break from the day and find a nice quiet place to unwind. Just steps from the outdoor yoga studio you'll find these tents a great place for quiet conversations or to practice meditation and mindfulness. 

Dinner and Stargazing

Gather your group for one last meal. The Chef will lead you through each pairing and explain why the menu was selected for your dinner. 

Alas, All good things must come to an end. Round out the day with stargazing and smores. Take in the night air and raise your glass for a toast. 

Thanks for visiting the farm! 


Contact Us to Book

Contact us to inquire about bookings.

Please Read Our Frequently Asked Question

Can I rent Sonoma Broadway Farms for the day?

Yes, You can book the farm for daily use.

Can I host my event or wedding at Sonoma Broadway Farms?

No, we do not have the permits to allow weddings and parties at Sonoma Broadway Farms.

Can I host a retreat for resale at Sonoma Broadway Farms?

Due to permitting restrictions, Sonoma Broadway farms strictly prohibits the resale of its space and land. We do not allow Yoga retreats at this premisis

Do you offer discounts or special requests?

We believe in providing our employees a livable wage and the upkeep of our property can be extensive. In order to provide a sustainabile farm experience with our team’s hard work we do not offer discounted rates.

Can I stay at Sonoma Broadway Farms?

Yes, we offer sleeping amenities, please contact us to book overnight and extended stays.